Thursday, May 27

W o n d r o u s S t r a n g e

1.Dress: Lestat reuven-checks in the mail Fashion Freaks Hunt -WS
Shoes:[chuculet] balletflats - rose - coral 1L
Skın: ::DS:: Astera Champagne Bikini MM @Dulce Secrets
Hair: Ivanka Akina Magic Hairs non Free

2.Skın: Diana Evening 10 L Sale @<>Xaida Skins
OUTFITS: w o n d r o u s s t r a n g e Bee Hunt Prizes one box 1L
Tatto:.::Mother Goose's::. Group gift Join a Grop and Grab :)
Shoes: Women's Skosh Boots - Pink Lucky Latter Prize. ::Duh!::

3-4.Hair: Mrs.Mittens 2 - Valentine GROUP GIFT Clawtooth
Hair Band &Shoes: Chuculet 1L

5.Hair:Kate(opening gift) [kik] FREE

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