Monday, June 28

Sui Shape Addict 6 Awsome Free Shape


1.Coban&Belle Shape value 1.000L Fashion isLove Hunt Prize @ SOPHISTISHAPES shapes

2.Daniela&Andrea value 500l but now just 1L Lollipop Hunt Prize Magic's Corner 

3.Maverick Design has 2 new gifts: one shape for her and one shape for him. It’s easy to get, join Maverick Design group and get your bag . Ready hot shape for women! Totally free.Duty is hot sexy man .Shape by  Ivy Maverick.  Thanks Dude...

1 comment:

  1. You know, I decided that the one thing I would not change about my avie is her shape. I really like that I custom-made it rather than bought it. And no matter how different a skin or outfit she maybe wearing, her shape is how I recognize her as me. =)