Wednesday, July 14

LP*F'd Up-= Kiria - Rossi& SUMMER SALES

The adorable skİN called Kiria - Rossi was sent to the The Thrifty Goth group from "=-F'd Up-= 
BY Beautiful Engineer  also MM Boards Lucky Latters and limited time sale ..
.All skins on sale for 99 l Ends Friday at 12pm...

Hair: (VW) Pushed and Shoved - Red Tones 25L @Epeque Hair

Shape: [M&M] body shapes-Florencja Shape Hunt Prize  Blooged here 

Pretty White Dress: OOTW Hunt Prize   *LP* design, by Liberty Shinn

Shoes:N-Core  Ankle Multicolor Group Gift

Jawerly:DM Triple Strand White Pearls Set  1l DM Sidewalk SALE blogged here

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