Saturday, October 16

Blonde Bebe Ready To Party

Djinn  Tonic | MUA 2.03.> Lipsticks
10-10-10 Event
10 designers, 10 items at 10L, 10 at 110L, 10 days, a buncha 10 stuff. There are some amazing designers participating in this event.
This is how it works: Each of the 10 stores will have a kiosk with all 10 of the 110L items, and ONE of the 10L items. The 10L items will be randomly at each location, so you’ll need to visit each store to grab the 10L items.
Participating designers: Anthony’s Republic, Barnesworth Anubis, Callie Cline, Djinn & Tonic, Glitterati, Grim Babies, Indyra Originals, MAD Designs, MudHoney, and Truth.

SKIN:Cherries new skin line Miss.Murder
SHAPE:New Freebıe Shape* Eva (Chubby) Leafy
EYES:All eyes Group Gift :: INka ::
EYELASHES::SZD: Alison - Eyelashes MM
HAIR:::RubisoHo:: *Duri* - Platinum Lucky Latter
TATTOO:::- Psych0 -:: - So Scene It Hurts [dollarbie]
DRESS:[aRAWRa] Good Evening Mr Warhol... Dress Blume Hunt Prize
SOCKS:Dollarbie Candy Socks Imani

EAR CANDY ~ STRIPED Dollarbie Set From  Jawelry Fair 2010
Smallest Jewelry Ball for Face Weekly Freebie @ Miss.Murder

SHOES:[Muted] Bjv2 in Green Group Gift  
Limited Time Join a Group check notices

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