Wednesday, March 2

Bloguma dokunma! Don't Touch My Blog! * Stop Blog Censorship Turkey

For our international followers, here's a summary of what's going on:

The biggest blog service on the web, Blogspot has been blocked in Turkey. Turkish bloggers cannot reach their blogs or any other blogspot blogs.

The reason behind that is, the TV channel LigTV, who has the official rights of broadcasting of the Turkish Super League, filed a claim in court against some blogs who embed the livestream of the channel illegally. But the 5846th law of Turkey which concerns internet censor, has a shortfall and that is these blockings are IP-based, not domain/sub-domain based.

So, all the blogspot based blogs has been blocked unintentionally.

In near 24 hours, only the Facebook group of the reaction, "Bloguma Dokunma!" (which is translated as "Don't Touch My Blog!") gained over 7000 likes, and the hashtag #blogumadokunma on Twitter has been used over 20000 tweets and climbed to the first trending topic in Turkey in near 2-3 hours after the first usage of the hashtag.

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